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As you step off the Ouibus on arrival into Amsterdam, you will sense the great historic past of this important European city. The Dutch capital was mainly built during the Dutch Golden Age, when it was a global hub of sea trade. The city is arranged around its famous canals, which are laid out in concentric rings, and criss-crossed by hundreds of bridges. The best way to get around Amsterdam is by bicycle. Join the locals : cycling is a way of life here! Don’t miss the chance to see the famous floating flower market, you’ll be bowled over by all the amazing colours of tulips. If you’re an art-lover, there’s a fantastic choice of museums and galleries to choose from. One of the highlights has to be the Van Gogh Museum which has the largest collection of his paintings in the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank House, where Anne and her family hid from the Nazis in 1944. In the evening, it may be hard to choose between the numerous hip bars and clubs dotted around Amsterdam where a cool international crowd hang out. To experience another side of Amsterdam, go for a stroll through the famous Red Light District, as this is also part of Amsterdam’s identity. Even after walking, cycling and perhaps taking a boat trip around Amsterdam, there’s always more to see and do in the Dutch capital, but luckily you can always come back by Ouibus!

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