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  • Brussels City Center - Midi Train station
    87 Rue de France / Frankrijkstraat
    1060 St-Gilles
    Więcej informacji
    Votre arrêt est situé rue de France, sortie Rue de France / Rue de l'Instruction.
  • Brussels - Zaventem Airport
    Leopoldlaan 12, Parking niveau 0
    1934 Zaventem
    Więcej informacji
    Busses depart from the "Coaches" bus station (Level 0) at the P16 parking .

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Ouibus takes you directly to Brussels, the crossroads of Europe. The capital of Belgium is home to the headquarters of NATO as well as numerous European institutions, (including the Council of the EU and European Commission). Brussels is also host to over 2,500 diplomats, making it the second biggest diplomatic centre in the world, after New York. A multicultural city, it’s the capital of the Flemish region of Belgium, although 85% of its inhabitants are French speakers and 30% are foreigners! Brussels knows how to embrace a variety of cultures, and it’s also a treasure trove of cultural heritage. Wander around the Grand Place, which Victor Hugo declared the most beautiful square in the world, and set off in search of the Manneken-Pis (the iconic statue of a small boy peeing). Visit the Atomium which was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1958, the Palace of Justice, and do some window shopping in the Saint-Hubert Galleries. Art-lovers will want to make a detour to the Mont des Arts with its world-class museums. Brussels is also a city which likes its food. Grab a table outside at a café or in a tavern and enjoy some of the famous local beer. A hearty meal of moules-frites is a must on any trip to Brussels, followed by a waffle, of course, perhaps accompanied by some Belgian chocolate sauce. Famous for its surrealists and for its oddball humour, the birthplace of comic books and of Magritte, Brussels is an original and quirky city: even its metro is full of interesting oddities, including over 60 works of art!

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