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It’s no accident that so many charities and organisations have their headquarters in Geneva (the Red Cross, the World Trade Organisation, and the World Health Organisation, for starters): Geneva is considered to be neutral territory. Let Ouibus take you to this peaceful and cosmopolitan city beside the beautiful Lake Geneva. Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Jorge Luis Borges both lived in this literary Swiss city with its picturesque backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Stroll through the grand boulevards of the old town and imagine yourself an 18th century aristocrat. Indulge in some of Geneva’s most famous product: chocolate. But also try some lesser-known specialities, such as cardoons (an artichoke like vegetable), or longeole (fennel sausage). Geneva is also the origin of Calvinism, founded by Jean Calvin (the protestant reformer), and there’s a museum dedicated to him as well as a reformers’ wall in Geneva. With 20% of the city’s budget set aside for culture, there is naturally a flourishing of the arts. Take your pick from among the 30 museums and a collection of a million works of art, not to mention the botanical gardens and emblematic monuments. A few highlights could be the MAMCO contemporary art museum, the Museum of Art and History, and the Voltaire Museum, dedicated to the French writer. Stroll along the edge of the lake and you can’t miss the famous fountain which reaches a height of 140 metres.

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