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Let Ouibus take you on an unforgettable trip to Grenoble, nestled at the foot of the Alps in south-eastern France. Begin your exploration of the city with a visit to the Bastille. Perched high up on a rocky outcrop, this fortress overlooks the whole city from its remarkably central position. You can walk up to the top on foot or take one of the Bulles, the cable car lifts. There’s even a via ferrata route up to the Bastille, if you fancy scrambling up the rocks, jumping over ditches and ancient fortifications. Once you’re up there, you’ll be rewarded with a glorious view of the entire city laid out at your feet and the beautiful backdrop of the mountains behind. Check out the contemporary art at the Bastille Art Centre, a surprising collection awaits. Next, lose yourself in the warren of streets in the historic quarter. Stroll through the Place Grenette with its pretty fountains and continue on towards the market on Place Sainte Claire. Finally take a break in the shade of the ancient plane trees of the Jardin de Ville, not far from the apartment where Stendhal was born. When you’ve explored enough, park your bike beside the ancient stones of the Caserne, and enjoy the atmosphere in the “eco-districts” in De Bonne, where a clever and mixture of old and new housing is softened by lots of greenery, giving the place a pleasant, bucolic feel. Green spaces and mountain air lend this city in the Rhone-Alpes a certain charm. Luckily Grenoble is never too far away with Ouibus!

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