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Huge, buzzing, international and always at the sharp end of fashion, London is a truly global city, and yet it would take more than a lifetime to uncover all its secrets. With Ouibus, you can discover a new side to London! From Buckingham Palace to Leicester Square, explore this British jewel, soaking up the history and culture that can be felt everywhere. Take advantage of the numerous world-class museums that are completely free to visit, such as the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. If you’re passionate about the arts, don’t miss the National Gallery and the Tate Modern. Curious travellers will want to visit Harrods, a department store that aims to satisfy even the most demanding of customers. For more affordable shopping, spend a few hours in Covent Garden before heading to Oxford Street and Regent Street. No longer is Britain considered the home of stodgy, tasteless food. There’s been a foodie revolution in recent years and London is the epicentre of this. You’ll find brilliant restaurants in Soho and Shoreditch, highlighting innovative modern British food. London is also known for showcasing authentic and delicious food from all over the globe. A detour to Brick Lane will take you past Indian curry houses and a bagel bakery that’s open all night, great for a post clubbing snack. London is revered for its superb nightlife offering. On any given night, you’ll find anything and everything going on in London, from edgy warehouse parties in Hackney to gatherings in cool cocktail bars in Soho, from glamorous club nights in Mayfair to bluesy folk singers strumming in basement jazz clubs. There’s so much to experience in London, but thanks to Ouibus, London seems closer than ever!

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